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Chris Wojcik

Chris Wojcik is the founding Partner and CEO of CCP Global, a boutique consulting firm specializing in enterprise spend management and SAP Ariba solutions. He is proud to be at the helm of one of SAP Ariba’s original consulting partners and to share his subject matter expertise with anyone seeking to learn how to better manage their SAP Ariba processes.

Pre-Deployment Readiness
January 26, 2021

SAP Ariba Pre-Deployment Readiness: Common Threads in Supply Change Transformation

In working on our Pre-Deployment Readiness series, we examined the specific preparatory steps a client should take before their deployment partner walks in on Day One. Many of these actions are specific to a single solution; however, what we discovered was that there are a few tasks that are necessary no matter which solution or module you’re deploying. This roundup takes one last look at each of these crucial factors in making your deployment as smooth as possible.
Pre-Deployment Readiness
January 10, 2021

SAP Ariba Pre-Deployment Readiness: Buying and Invoicing

In the previous articles in this pre-deployment readiness series, we’ve examined preparing for your deployment as it applies to Ariba upstream modules. Now we’ll look at the Ariba downstream modules related to Buying and Invoicing. There are a lot of similarities in how to prepare for each, including data cleansing and preparing key stakeholders across the organization. One that’s critical to preparing for downstream implementations, however, is understanding the challenges you’ll likely face in post-production.
Pre-Deployment Readiness
December 23, 2020

SAP Ariba Pre-Deployment Readiness: Supplier Management

Supplier management is the most complex solution to prepare for from a deployment standpoint. It’s also the most crucial because your suppliers are quite literally the backbone of your SAP Ariba solution. Even more so than with contracts, which we discussed in last week’s article, there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to getting ready to deploy your supplier management solution. It’s critical to make sure the information you’re going to hand to your deployment partner is both current and accurate, or it can cause months-long delays in the deployment process.
Pre-Deployment Readiness
December 11, 2020

SAP Ariba Pre-Deployment Readiness: Contracts

In this article, we delve into preparing for your SAP Ariba Contracts Deployment. The key is to identify your goal before you start preparing for deployment. Our in-house experts on contracts explains: “There is a range of complexity in contract deployment, from simply utilizing the tool as a contract repository only; as a repository with basic approvals and negotiations; or as a repository with full contract creation and contract authoring. Setting a realistic schedule for your deployment will depend what level of complexity you need the contract system to be and how well-prepared you are for the level you choose.”
Pre-Deployment Readiness
December 4, 2020

SAP Ariba Pre-Deployment Readiness: Sourcing

SAP’s Activate methodology has five foundational phases: Prepare. Explore. Realize. Deploy. Run. We’d like to add one more that we call Phase Zero: Initiation. In part one of this Pre-Deployment Readiness series we discussed the prep work you can do before your deployment partners begin on day one. These actions can potentially prevent avoidable, costly project delays. As one of our expert upstream consultants puts it: “The first question on the first day of the project should never be, ‘what are we doing?’ That question should already be asked and answered.”
Pre-Deployment Readiness
November 25, 2020

Are SAP Ariba “Best Practices” Best for You?

Over the past few years some of our top SAP Ariba consultants at CCP Global have told me: When I started on “Day One” ready to assess our new clients’ current environment, I was told, “We don’t want to dive deep into our current processes, we just want the Best Practices.”  While the idea of Best Practice has a great connotation that infers a simple, uncomplicated SAP Ariba solution and deployment, the fact is that “best practices” are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, they’re a framework for defining where you are and where you need to go. 
November 13, 2020

Smile! You’re on Video: Put Your Best Face Forward Even at Home

Like most of America, CCP Global’s consultants and administrative personnel have been working fully remotely since mid-March when the pandemic shut down most face-to-face interactions. That means we’ve done a lot of business by phone, chat and, of course, video conferencing. One of our senior consultants notes that she has found video chats to be a critical success factor to her fully remote Ariba projects.
November 4, 2020

Remote Collaboration: Powered by the Best Productivity Tools

The workplace has been moving toward more remote work for some time now, fueled by factors such as better remote communication technology, a desire to reduce infrastructure costs and the opportunity to provide a better work/life balance for employees. The Covid-19 pandemic has both accelerated and normalized that trend. However, even before the pandemic CCP Global recognized that prioritizing remote collaboration had benefits for clients as well as employees. After all, the fewer travel expenses a client has to incur, the greater the bottom line impact on their profits.

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