Social Business Implementation Program (SBI)

targetCCP’s Social Business Implementation program (SBI) is designed to increase the impact of your business’ online presence through data analytics and targeted marketing. Utilizing the latest data mining techniques, we create customized ad campaigns to expand your company’s social reach while simultaneously ensuring that every marketing dollar gets spent well.

Harnessing Data Analytics

Combining the power of big data analytics and information mining, the SBI program starts by analyzing your social media profile to find demographic trends among your customer base. This information is then compiled into an Affinity Grid, where correlations in spending and behavior can be tracked. The end result is a detailed report of your customer profile designed to help target advertising across all marketing channels.[/accordion_item]

Reaching the Right Audience

Using the data gleaned from the Affinity Grid, CCP creates a series of Facebook ads designed to target previous customers and other consumer demographics likely to purchase. Featuring a remarkably low cost per click, these ads allow your company unprecedented control in tracking consumer impressions, interactions, and conversions—creating a highly affordable system of data driven advertisement.[/accordion_item]

Testing and Re-targeting

With each series of targeted ads, CCP tracks and analyzes the consumer response, conducting A/B testing to see what ads produce the greatest amount of online traction. Using this data, our team refines and retargets your campaign, providing your company with the highest possible return on their ad spend.[/accordion_item]

SBI Deliverables

• Research customer analytics to create targeted marketing strategies
• Design Affinity Grid to track correlated interests
• Set up Facebook ads account for targeted advertisement
• Create targeted Facebook ad campaigns
• Upload email list into Facebook using power editor to maximize exposure
• Test ad campaigns for ROI and refine based on results
• Post sponsored stories straight to users Facebook feed

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