Contract Management

Contract Management is an integral component of any successful Spend Management program.   From initial contract creation through negotiation and execution, as well as in contract analysis and the post contract management process, Contract Management streamlines the contract process and ensures value realization of your negotiated savings.

CCP Global and Partners provide businesses of all sizes with the capabilities to structure stronger contracts and mitigate possible risks, by delivering the following key Contract Management capabilities:

Stronger Structured Contracts

Standard contract language and enforced compliance rules help companies ensure that contracts are consistent, and represent the best interests of the business.  The ability to analyze contract data opens new opportunities for contract improvement.

Reduce Contract Time

Contract Management delivers immediate impacts in the form of reduced times to create and negotiate contracts, and efficiencies in managing the contract portfolio such as in mass amendment processes.  These improved contract processes can create a competitive advantage for businesses.

Improved Contract Quality and Compliance

Contract Management solutions ensure operations, systems, and analysis are all based on actual commitments and terms with suppliers, customers, and partners.  Standardized, repeatable processes ensure ease of, and reduced costs for, internal and external audits.

Reduced Risk

Whether it is the risk of an internal audit or the risks associated with strategic business activities such as a merger or acquisition, immediate access to contracts and the ability to amend large groups of contracts quickly with reduced exposure increases the flow of overall productivity.

Global Capabilities and Services

Contract Management supports your global operation through global workflow capabilities and localized languages. CCP Global and Partners have the expertise to make your journey to contract excellence a smooth one.

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