CCP’s Sourcing Optimization Services Group provides your company the gateway to Strategic Sourcing.

Our consultants help you to:

  • Leverage Your eTool Investment
  • Build on existing stakeholder relationships
  • Generate Both Near- And Long-Term Savings Streams
Services Provided:

Sourcing Management Process
We train your Procurement staff in the complete Sourcing Management Process.

We train your Procurement staff in the most effective use of the eProcurement tools to generate a quick, solid return on your investment.

Staff Skills Assessment
We work with your Procurement Management Team to understand the current state of the staff eProcurement skills.
We design training to address skill gaps.

Organizational Design
We work with your leadership team to map the organizational design to the spend patterns and category expertise required.

Staff Augmentation
Sometimes the transformation to an eProcurement enabled organization leaves temporary gaps in your staff. We can fill these temporary gaps without establishing long-term commitments.

Category Research
Our process and subject matter experts can research the supply market for a wide range of categories and cross-pollinate your organization with the results.

Governance Design
With new systems, new policies and approval chains become both necessary and possible. We can help you through the process of designing those policies and incorporating them into your systems.

Supplier Diversity Program
Our capabilities include helping you design (or evaluate) and adopt a robust Supplier Diversity Program.

CPO Advisory
We provide coaching and advisory service to the Procurement Leadership team.

Post Merger Integration
When organizations merge, disparate systems and processes must be integrated. We have been through many of these events and can help you through yours.

Quick Wins
We can hit the ground running and work with you to implement “Quick Wins” to begin immediately paying off your eTool subscription.

Organizational Initiatives
We can take a longer term approach on more complex categories to generate robust, long term savings. We have demonstrated in many case studies that we can create stakeholder teams in your organization to generate and socialize large savings initiatives using the SMP.

Sourcing New Categories
One time requirements, new products, un-addressed spend all can leave your organization without the experience and expertise required to source a “new” category. We can help you with such opportunities bringing our own process and subject matter expertise to integrate this spend into procurement work-stream.