SAP Ariba Application Managed Support

Support and Optimize your SAP Ariba Solutions

The RIGHT team.
The RIGHT approach.

CCP Global’s flexible SAP Ariba Managed Support (AMS) packages will fit your needs whether you’re a small to mid-sized company or a large enterprise. Our expertise enables you to improve internal efficiencies, increase user and supplier adoption, and free your internal teams to focus on more strategic objectives.

As a certified SAP Ariba service partner, CCP Global can detect, diagnose, remedy, and report on complex business transactions in SAP Ariba to ensure the highest quality and compliance.

Our experienced technical staff can step in to be a part of your team and provide guidance on streamlining and improving your Ariba processes to get the most out of your investment. This means you can boost productivity, get to market faster, or focus on your broader digital transformation while letting CCP Global support all your SAP Ariba needs

Download our CCP Global AMS 2022-2023 infographic to read more about our unique approach to managed support.

Benefits of AMS chart

Benefits of AMS

  • Quick on-demand help for your existing Ariba solutions. 
  • Administrative support for your SAP Ariba modules. 
  • Help with the tougher technical questions. 
  • Assistance with troubleshooting and monitoring your Ariba platform, notices and tickets. 
  • Investigating new releases and enhancements which may benefit your company. 

Four Service Tiers for Suppliers and Buyers

We also offer individual services and can customize any of the following packages.

Supplier Support Package

  • Customer Enablement
  • Basic Configuration and Integration Support
  • SAP Business Network Invoice Processing
  • SAP Business Network Order Acknowledgements
  • SAP Business Network Contract Processing
  • SAP Business Network Catalog Support
  • Ariba Discovery Profile Enablement
  • Ad hoc Micro Trainings

Premium Support

Part-Time Support

Premium Support Services

  • On-Demand System Support for Deployed Modules
  • Support and Troubleshoot Supplier Enablement and Catalog Management
  • Support for Upstream Ariba Modules
  • Support for Downstream Ariba Modules
  • System Administration Support for Support Tickets
  • Technical Break/Fix Solutions

Executive Support

Part-Time Support

Premium Support Services +

  • Remote System Assessment
  • Roadmap Development
  • Support for Deployed SAP Ariba Modules
  • Basic Configuration and Integration Support
  • System Administration Support for Help Desk Tickets
  • Ad hoc Micro Trainings
  • Performance Tuning Advice
  • Proactive Monitoring of Ariba Notices and Quarterly Releases
  • Advanced Technical Break/Fix Solutions

Enterprise Support

Full-Time Support

Executive Support Services +

  • Onsite System Assessment
  • Dedicated Full-time System Administrator
  • Supplier Enablement Support
  • Module Optimization Projects
  • Advanced Configuration Support
  • Technical Integration Support
  • Onsite Support As Needed
  • Development and Enhancement Guidance
  • Proactive Monitoring of Ariba Change Requests
  • Proactive Monitoring of Ariba Service Requests
  • Proactive Monitoring of Systems Issues and Outages

Get your Ariba system back on track with CCP Global’s Total Training Solutions: A Modular Approach to User, Supplier, and Admin Training. Four service packages to fit any need and budget.

Our AMS Services

Post-Deployment Services

System Administrators

Maintain existing workflows, templates, forms, manual imports of data. Manage Customer Admin To Do queue.

Full System Monitoring

Act as primary, dedicated support contact (DSC) for the Ariba platform. Monitor and follow up on technical change requests.

Optimizing Workflows

Collaborate to ensure only the required approvals are in the workflow and to remove extraneous document stops and processes.

Support User Adoption

Consistent voice to the customer, your users, on the benefits and ease of using SAP Ariba to support and encourage user adoption.

Supplier Enablement

Support and manage supplier onboarding efforts to improve both supplier and end user adoption and standardization.

Fine Tuning

Recommendations to improve system performance, process efficiencies and meet changing compliances.


Ensure system rules, approval flows, reports and processes comply with your audit and SOx requirements.

Help Desk

Support for ticketing systems or group mailbox management for user inquiries and basic issues.


Troubleshooting and resolution for stalled documents, workflow and integration issues, and more.


Targeted, short-term projects focused on improving your SAP Ariba system, processes, and performance.


Manage Public Reports, ensure proper background scheduling for maximum results, develop analytical reports and ad hoc reports as needed.


Targeted, impactful training to resolve common issues, correct performance, introduce new features and processes and share best practices.

Rules Edits and Changes

Review Detail Transaction Rules, Supplier Group and Country Based Rules and any other relevant Business Network rules to optimize process flows.

Best Practice Sharing

We research and share industry best practices and provide guidance for your SAP Ariba environment.

Monitoring Releases

Proactive review of Ariba quarterly releases to communicate relevant changes that may affect performance and share opportunities for process improvements.

Pre-Deployment Services

User Training

Develop Source-to-Pay training materials and reference guides to effectively train users, SMEs and Approvers.

Assess Policy

Review or develop relevant Source-to-Pay policies including socialization, training and publication.

Assess Impacts

Collaborate to define organizational impacts in your Sourcing, Procurement and Accounts Payable teams.

Share Best Practices

We share industry best practices to fully optimize your SAP Ariba environment.


Review all current metrics and process management reports to add pertinent Ariba reports.

Supplier Enablement

Develop or review supplier enablement communications, processes and integration plans to secure a high success rate.

Current/Future States

Assess current state, plan for future state, including systems, processes, policies, and organization.

Supplier Adoption Campaigns

Develop effective communication campaigns to maximize supplier adoption in your SAP Ariba environment.

Change Management

Develop or support executive and leadership change management plans to ensure successful user and supplier adoption.

Download our CCP Global White Paper on the importance of prioritizing Organizational Change Management for effective business transformations.

CCP Global has served as the leading SAP Ariba service partner for a major commercial airline supporting a suite-integrated SAP Ariba solution consisting of SAP Ariba Buying, SAP Ariba Contracts, SAP Ariba Sourcing, and SAP Ariba SIPM with integrations to SAP ECC and ServiceNow. CCP Global designed the solution and provided outsourced administration and enhancement services over an 18-month project duration. After implementation, CCP Global partnered with the client to drive user adoption of the system, rolling out comprehensive training and change management platforms to standardize business processes utilizing SAP Ariba among end users.

A multi-billion-dollar chemical company was struggling with slow, inefficient processes due to multiple systems and outdated procedures. CCP Global was chosen to configure, design and deploy Ariba Buying and Invoicing. That included Guided Buying, Procurement Operations Desk, Tactical Sourcing, and all associated workflows. Because of the complexity of the project, it was deployed in two phases. Go Live was an outstanding success with limited issues and overwhelmingly positive feedback from users. The company eventually contracted with CCP Global’s Ariba Managed Services (AMS) for extended support and administration.

For over 15 years, CCP Global has provided support for a major media and entertainment corporation’s strategic SAP Ariba projects. Most recently, CCP has been supporting Source-to-Pay (S2P) business transformation. The current deployment phase is focused directly on SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing. This is a holistic approach to transforming the Global S2P processes being driven by the business, in partnership with their Organizational Change Management (OCM) and their technology partners. From the technology perspective, this entails sunsetting SAP Ariba On-Premise and standing-up their SAP Ariba On-Demand applications. In addition, as the suppliers are on-boarded, they will transact within the Buying and Invoicing feature of AOD.

Winning a competitive RFP, CCP Global was chosen by a global leader in housing and building to implement a suite-integrated SAP Ariba solution consisting of SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing and SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing suite. Experiencing rapid growth through merger and acquisition, the client was faced with the technical and organizational challenges that accompany the move to a centralized model of spend management. This was completed while maintaining compliance with the laws and regulations of the various areas of the world in which the company conducts operations.

CCP Global has completed two successful SAP Ariba projects for an electronics solutions corporation, including acting as the principal architect in the implementation of an SAP ECC-integrated SAP Ariba Contracts solution with training and change management on behalf of users in North America, Europe, and Asia. In addition to supporting downstream S&OP programs in the ERP, the scope of the project included configuration of advanced aspects of Ariba Contracts functionality (such as Contract Authoring) and release to the international team of contract specialists.

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