SAP Ariba Post Deployment Success

What clients need to know to make sure their expensive SAP Ariba investment is successfully managed post-deployment.

SAP Ariba Post Deployment Success
May 21, 2021

Adoption and Stabilization: A Timeline

There are several factors that may affect how long the post-Hypercare phase of your SAP Ariba deployment lasts. Those include company size, how many modules were deployed, and if it was a big bang deployment, versus a phased go-live, etc. in this article we take a closer look at each of these non-personnel factors and how they might affect your company’s time frame for administration and support.
SAP Ariba Post Deployment Success
May 14, 2021

Hypercare + Adoption + Stabilization = Post-Deployment Success

There are a couple of important phases immediately after your SAP Ariba solution is deployed that are critical to its long-term success. The first is Hypercare, which starts on Day One of Go-Live and has critical and immediate support elements. The second is the Adoption and Stabilization phase, which, although not as immediately crucial, holds the key to long-term user adoption.

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