Ariba Post-Deployment Success

Are you struggling with user or supplier adoption well after you’ve deployed Ariba? That’s not an unusual scenario, because there is an important post-Go-Live phase called Adoption and Stabilization that many companies don’t take seriously. During that time, there are some Best Practices that should be followed to ensure the success of your  new Ariba procurement system.

Ariba Post-Deployment Success
May 21, 2021

Adoption and Stabilization: A Timeline

There are several factors that may affect how long the post-Hypercare phase of your SAP Ariba deployment lasts. Those include company size, how many modules were deployed, and if it was a big bang deployment, versus a phased go-live, etc. in this article we take a closer look at each of these non-personnel factors and how they might affect your company’s time frame for administration and support.
Ariba Post-Deployment Success
May 14, 2021

Ariba Deployment: What Happens after Go-Live?

There are a couple of important phases immediately after your SAP Ariba solution is deployed that are critical to its long-term success. The first is Hypercare, which starts on Day One of Go-Live and has critical and immediate support elements. The second is the Adoption and Stabilization phase, which, although not as immediately crucial, holds the key to long-term user adoption.

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