SAP Application Management Services are a common offering by consulting firms that provide SAP and SAP Ariba consulting and support. Traditionally, it has been used as an adjunct to internal staff, but as enterprise applications become more complex, Ariba Managed Support (AMS) is becoming a necessity to help support and manage this technology.

What is AMS?

In a nutshell, AMS means to outsource the job of ongoing support for technology to a third-party expert. Services and support can be as all-encompassing as a full support crew or used as on-demand support when something more technical is needed – or if you’re simply short-handed.

That support is provided by expert consultants that are specifically trained and experienced in delivering the maximum value for your SAP Ariba investment. They are uniquely qualified to understand when changes need to be made, and upgrade or enhancements are appropriate. They will monitor Ariba’s ongoing features updates to be sure any relevant improvements are incorporated into your system.

At CCP Global we have offered AMS services for more than 20 years through our Help Desk Support solution. Drawing upon that long experience in supporting our many clients’ needs has led us to create a more robust program called SAP Ariba Managed Support. With an organized and focused onboarding process we meet the unique needs of each Ariba client’s administrative and support desk needs, removing the long cycle time dealing with Ariba Service Requests.

In addition, our consultants are experts in both on-site and remote support.

How Can Ariba Managed Support Benefit You?


  1. By offering quick, on-demand help for your existing Ariba Solutions.
  2. To help monitor your Ariba platform for ongoing administrative tasks.
  3. For instant expert help with the tougher technical questions.
  4. To keep abreast of new releases and enhancements with proactive support and communication of all changes and updates.
  5. To make suggestions and give advice to support specific projects, or to adjust or modify processes and troubleshoot issues and errors.

When is Ariba Managed Support Appropriate?


  1. If you need dedicated support for deployed Ariba modules – upstream & downstream.
  2. If you need integration support pinpointing master data load issues or troubleshooting ERP connectivity problems.
  3. If you would benefit from proactive monitoring of system issues and outages.
  4. If you are experiencing challenges with supplier enablement execution.
  5. If your processes have become too complex or time-consuming, and you need support to implement best practices to streamline your processes.

What Level of Support Should I Sign Up For?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to Managed Support. Some companies may just need some basic help desk support, others might need more intense support for highly technical projects or solutions.

Why CCP Global?

Using CCP Global as your AMS partner offers these key benefits:


  1. Consistent, dedicated support for all your SAP Ariba solutions.
  2. No downtime (or overtime) due to reductions to in-house support staff for whatever reason.
  3. Fully realize your SAP Ariba ROI with ongoing, professional reviews of the system.
  4. Fixed costs for ongoing support keep you on budget.
  5. Reduce valuable staff time spent trying to troubleshoot issues and errors.

If you’d like more information on our Ariba Managed Support program, you can visit our AMS page to get an overview of our various service levels. 


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