SAP Ariba and AI together deliver tangible results

AI is quickly emerging in all industries and the results continue to be encouraging.  From highly reported fields such as medical, where AI is successfully condensing research timeframes through Machine Learning algorithms.  AI technology scans hundreds to thousands of global medical articles to provide condensed insights for medical professionals to consider when making a diagnosis.[1] To manufacturing industries where AI is enhancing production processes to reduce production time and costs and providing further ways to improve product quality.

It takes a significant investment from businesses to make AI technology work for them.  Time, staffing, and financial commitments are necessary to produce the results and returns companies desire to achieve their initiatives.  What about these significant investments you have already made with SAP Ariba?  How is SAP working toward making an effective use of AI for your company with your current SAP Ariba platform?  

SAP announced on January 24, 2024, of their investment in the next wave of fast-moving technology such as artificial intelligence.  An investment of around $2 billion over the coming two years to support their commitment to SAP products and their customers.  Along with a financial focus, SAP is making an almost 10% shift in company resources to meet these future business needs.[2]

SAP Ariba’s cloud offering provides the benefit for each organization to determine the best fit of the SaaS to their needs.  Frequent updates and releases to the cloud software is the window for AI technology to be introduced.  AI embedded into SAP Ariba empowers organizations with specific features and benefits that deliver smart options and savings.

To discover how AI could benefit your organization and enhance your existing investment in SAP Ariba, please feel free to distribute this blog within your organization and schedule a call with our leadership and team. 

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