SAP is a powerful tool for optimizing your business practices, but some companies spend millions to purchase and implement these solutions, without ever fully realizing their value.

That’s just one area where application management services (AMS) can help you reap the maximum benefits from your expensive SAP Ariba solution.

AMS is an ever-emerging service in which companies partner with an expert provider who specializes in the maintenance and monitoring of applications requiring support. Companies can easily delegate the responsibility of system monitoring, release management, system administration, and system support as well as minor enhancements. In other words, any company of any size can benefit from the right AMS partner.

What the Best AMS Partners Have

Qualified Teams. An AMS service providers consulting team should be fully capable of hitting the ground running to immediately begin adding value.

Diverse Experience. As your SAP solutions expand, evolve and become more complex, your partner needs to be able to meet any task or challenge that arises to provide a one stop shop for AMS.

Certified Consultants. Becoming certified in any of the SAP modules requires hours of study and passing rigorous exams. You can be confident that consultants with SAP certifications have the type of expertise you want in a partner.

Creative Thinkers. AMS is not about just keeping the lights on and the motor running, it’s about adding value. Your AMS partner should think outside the box to find creative ways to optimize your SAP Ariba ROI. That may mean utilizing unused modules, monitoring and reviewing updates, and recommending additional modules that can optimize your program.

Why CCP Global?

As we mentioned in the first blog in this series, CCP Global has offered AMS services for more than 20 years, through a program we call SAP Ariba Managed Support (AMS) to highlight our SAP Ariba expertise.

Our founder and CEO, Chris Wojcik, is a leading expert in AMS, having created one of the first programs specifically targeted to Ariba solutions. Here are some of his success stories, from short term assistance to relationship that have lasted for years:

18 months: In 2010, before SAP and Ariba merged, CCP Global received a call from a company after it was acquired by a larger company. The smaller company had Ariba, the larger firm had SAP. They heard about CCP Global’s AMS expertise through word of mouth and contacted us to maintain the Ariba system while the company transitioned to SAP. During that transition we handled all the administration, management, reporting and support for their Ariba system. Wojcik says this project was, “The purest example of what I would call system maintenance and management, because AMS can be a lot more involved, and this was AMS in its most basic form.” 
7 years: This was CCP Global’s first AMS contract. In 2000, we won a competitive RFP to implement Ariba for a multinational pharmaceutical company. The first two years were dedicated to implementation and enhancements, but after the system went live in 2002, the company asked us to stay on and help manage the system in these three areas: 
 •    System maintenance, enhancements and upgrades.
 •    Training, change management and rolling out the system. 
 •    Supplier enablement and supplier onboarding. 
Wojcik says that last task was a huge one that took a dedicated team of five people that spent five years entirely focused on bringing on the suppliers, bringing on catalogs, and enabling the supplier to transact business successfully through Ariba. 
10 years: CCP Global was brought in by the original, primary consulting firm hired by a global imaging solutions company to assist them with implementing Ariba. After the go-live, the primary consulting firm left the project because they didn’t provide Ariba services. CCP Global was asked to stay on and for 10 years we had a presence there with to do all the maintenance, enhancements, support, and training, as well as assisting with worldwide rollout for their Ariba system. This, Wojcik notes, was one of many instances in which CCP Global was hired because of their reputation for deep Ariba expertise. 
17 years: After winning a competitive bid, CCP Global was hired in 2004 by a major media and entertainment corporation to do their original implementation. Since then, we’ve had a dedicated SAP Ariba SME embedded there to do operations, maintenance enhancements, upgrades and the worldwide rollouts, as well as implementing additional modules. We also helped them to transition from on site to on demand. Our current consultant’s main focus is supporting a worldwide rollout of the Ariba On Demand platform. 

These client stories are the best illustration of the many ways in which Ariba Managed Support can benefit companies of all sizes, regardless of their needs. Whether you need a little or a lot, the right AMS partner can offer efficiency, cost savings, and the maximum return on your Ariba investment.

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