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SAP Ariba 2023 Q3 Release: Our Top Feature Update Picks

There's big news in the SAP Ariba 2023 Q3 Release, but it's not a feature update, it's a net new module. We don't know much about it, but we do…

Manage your S/4HANA Migration: A Planning Guide

The deadline for the mandatory transition from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA is looming. Here's how to seamlessly plan and manage your S/4HANA migration.

Optimize Source to Pay Operations with Business Process Improvements

When it comes to Source to Pay processes in supply chain operations there are times when seeking specialized advice from experienced professionals can be the best decision. A partner with…

Ariba Microprojects: Small Investments, Big Results

What is an Ariba microproject? A microproject is a targeted, short-term project focused on improving your Source to Pay systems, processes, and performance. They can address any facet of your…

Navigating your ITK Transition: FAQ

In February SAP announced that it was ending support for the Integration Toolkit (ITK) effective December 31, 2023. Here are all the details that are currently available about this change.

Benefits of Ariba Catalog Management

From reducing maverick spend to improving compliance, the advantages of good catalog management extend throughout the procurement lifecycle, ultimately paving the way for optimized procurement practices and strategic business growth.

Ariba 2023 Q2 Release: Top 10 New Features

SAP’s 2023 Q2 Release includes about 80 new features. Unlike the 2023 Q1 release, there was nothing our consultants were super excited about. However, there are tweaks to various products,…

Critical Change to HTTP Protocols in Ariba are Coming!

SAP Ariba has announced an important change to HTTP protocols that could impact access to links in your Ariba systems. SAP plans to enforce the use of HTTPS links for…

Ariba Network Customer Management: Standardizing Business Practices across Accounts

There’s a lot of focus on Supplier Management in SAP Ariba. But another facet in that relationship is Customer Management. Sometimes, just as with suppliers, your Ariba customer accounts can…

SAP Ariba Catalog Management: An Overview

If you’re not taking advantage of SAP Ariba Catalog Management capabilities, you’re missing out on one of the most effective – and simplest – centralized procurement software solutions.

Upcoming Ariba Name Changes

SAP has gradually been phasing out the name Ariba in favor of full SAP branding. Here is an overview of what is changing now.

Mandatory SAP Ariba Deadlines: What You Need to Know Now

There are a few big changes coming to SAP Ariba that will affect any company that runs Ariba software. These changes are mandatory and will take some time to prepare…