Upcoming Ariba Name Changes

SAP has gradually been phasing out the name Ariba in favor of full SAP branding. Here is an overview of what is changing now.

Why these name changes?

SAP originally announced that the Ariba Network was going to become part of the SAP Business Network as part of the 2021 Q2 update. That has gradually led to some upcoming Ariba name changes that you might want to put on your radar.

These changes are part of SAP’s strategy to unify existing networks under the SAP banner. Ariba is a wholly owned subsidiary of SAP.

As part of that rebranding, SAP has been phasing out the name Ariba in favor of full SAP branding. For example, the Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway (CIG) is now called the “Managed Gateway for Spend and Network”. That was announced as part of the 2023 Q1 update.

Current list of Ariba to SAP name changes

Previous NameNew Name
Ariba NetworkSAP Business Network for Procurement
SAP Business Network for Supply Chain
Ariba Network for SuppliersSAP Business Network for Trading Partners
Ariba Network, standard accountSAP Business Network, standard account
Ariba Network, enterprise accountSAP Business Network, enterprise account
SAP Ariba Supplier Mobile AppSAP Business Network Supplier mobile app
SAP Logistics Business NetworkSAP Business Network for Logistics
SAP Asset Intelligence NetworkSAP Business Network for Asset Management
Ariba to SAP Name Changes

According to SAP, the SAP Business Network improves upon collaborations with trading partners on both the buyer and the supplier side.

SAP Business Network for Suppliers

If you were using the Ariba Network for Suppliers you will now connect with your customers on SAP Business Network for Trading Partners. You also have the option of just creating a free standard account.

As we explain in our article Ariba Network for Suppliers: FAQ, the standard account used to have certain limitations on the number of documents you could transact. Those limits have been changed so there is expanded functionality in the standard accounts, which makes it a more viable choice for more suppliers.

If you aren’t on the network yet, it’s fairly straightforward to create an account, although we have a number of clients who prefer to have a professional service partner guide them through the onboarding process.

Once you’re on the network, you’ll have access to these functionalities:

  • Receiving purchase orders
  • Sending invoices and monitoring payment status
  • Participating in sourcing events
  • Collaborating on contracts
  • Creating self-enabled digital catalogs

Enhanced Supplier Capabilities

If you need more advanced capabilities it’s worth paying for an enterprise account. That gives you access to priority support, enhanced invoice and order functions and integration with an ERP to more effectively automate the processes.

That additional functionality allows you to:

  • Manage all your orders and invoices directly on SAP Business Network
  • Submit unlimited RFP responses through SAP Business Network Discovery
  • Stay updated with supply chain collaboration
  • Receive priority customer support
  • Publish supplier-managed catalogs with assistance

Fees for an enterprise account subscription are determined by the number of documents and volume of transactions your business runs through the network. Your SAP AE or an experienced SAP Ariba consulting partner can guide you through this process.

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