Most of our clients know that, if they are an SAP ECC customer, they must migrate to S/4HANA prior to the end of the standard support contract in 2027. However, there are also a couple of upcoming required SAP Ariba updates with more crucial expiring support deadlines.

  1. Cloud Integration Gateway (CIG) 

After Dec. 31, 2023, SAP will end support for CI9, requiring all customers to move to CIG.

In addition, if you’ve already upgraded to CIG, SAP Ariba offers twice-yearly releases that include CIG Add-On Support Packs. These releases take place in May and November. You can learn more about SAP Ariba’s quarterly releases in our article series on Ariba’s 2022 Quarterly Updates.

Applying these updates on at least an annual basis means your CIG will remain on a supported version, as SAP supports both the current release and the one previous version.

  1. Supply Chain Collaboration (SCC)

SAP is making SCC the future of supplier collaboration, replacing Supplier Network Collaboration (SNC). SNC will be supported through 2025, but there will be no new functionality after that time.

If you look at this from an S/4HANA perspective, because SNC is an on-premise solution and SCC is cloud-based. AS we’ve seen in our coverage of Ariba’s quarterly updates, SAP is increasing its emphasis on cloud-based upgrades.

The Future of SAP Ariba

SAP is a powerful tool for your business, but it’s also complex and ever evolving. The most exciting evolution is the move to a cloud-based platform. This migration removes the infrastructure component that increases overhead costs and the possibility of human error.

At CCP Global we are dedicated to helping our clients make the right decisions about the future of their technology and software. With more than 20 years of experience, we also offer one of the most experienced and robust Ariba Managed Support programs in the industry.

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